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The Spirit House


We welcome you to our website. Thanks for visiting and learning more about us. The Spirit House continues the highest importance, and that is to explore, establish, and study spirituality. Not just in a religious way but in a whole way. All creation has a Spirit of design starting back from when our existence began. Furthermore, we have that Spirit 's DNA in us, woven throughout all of our body,  dwelling within this our human design that is temporary.  


The Spirit is our counselor and guides us through wisdom. knowledge and understanding to live a fully healthy, and wealthy life in the physical and for eternity. Also, leads us to build wealth, family, and community unity locally and around the world.


The Spirit House encourages, empowers, enlightens people to be filled with this character of the Holy Spirit in our homes, community, and businesses.  


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The Spirit House formed by spiritual principles and is committed to building on the wisdom, knowledge, understanding while growing on the foundation laid before us in pursuit to live a full and healthy spiritual life.

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Join us as we restore vacant houses and Fight the Blight together. Sell or donate a house to help create Spirit Housing in an urban community which adds value, lowers crime and beautifies the neighborhood.

In a Meeting

Our services are available to the local community for betterment to people young and old.  We believe that serving our families first then people around develops a sense of love. We desire to see people spiritually wealthy, use talents while growing a spiritual character on the journey.

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