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Our Local Ministries

Food Knolling

Ice Box

Ice Box

Our Ice Box allows us to feed families in the local community. We have done so throughout the years feeding people in need with healthy home cooking.


No fresh food goes to waste initiative for the families caught in unforeseen occurrence. You can support this cause by keeping The Ice Box full with food to assist with feeding those in this neighborhood. 


Also, The Ice Box is for gathering and networking while eating some healthy home cook recipes.

Tradesman and Architect at Construction

Community Outreach


Our Restore the Streets Program and Senior Remodel Assistant are just a few outreaches that The Spirit House provides to the community.

Getting people in the neighborhood to work is part of why we support business and talents that will, in turn, provide a future and life for families and those close. 

Vacant House Photo_edited.jpg



By driving by a vacant house we ignore the reality of very severe consequences. High crime, low property value, and the ripple effect continue from poor education. We need to fight this ugly problem. We have played a role in fighting this matter and with the local community houses are being restored. 


If you are selling, buying, investing, lending or just need to renovate a vacant house contact us now.

Food Knolling



Our services encourage, empower and enlighten spiritual economical success daily with free conversational breakfast while gatherings truth. We seek to better understand the Father and the power within us. His creation lives inside of each of us making our personal Spirit our spiritual reality, our bodies the physical now. 


We are just getting started and your support counts. Help us to continue to build upon the structure that our fathers, mothers, and ancestors. 

Holding Hands


We believe in supporting people around the world with resources to build a better community in some of the worst areas. 

Each month we support missionaries and organizations that are in other countries to establish Spirit Houses in their neighborhoods. We assist with money, materials, and strategies that help those that are called to continue the great commission to help the widow and the poor.


Government Building



Each day people of America and around the world are starting to gain knowledge and have an understanding of those that are in power and those that are under this failed system.


We are standing with the people that want to see our country great.

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