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Comprehensive Reforms

Old Hebrew Prayer Book
Green Goodness
In the Classroom
Government Building

When we unite the problems that exist in the system can be reformed. It will take all of us to look deep into our spirit to speak up and act against systematic oppression that has been developed by people that only have a self-motivating ill for certain people. If those that call themselves "Children of God" lovers of people, then why so much silence when you see the unfair treatment towards your brothers and sisters.


Each day people of America and around the world are starting to gain knowledge and have an understanding of reality about those that are in power. Those that are under this failed system of colonization are seeking more answers.


We hear some people say, "I don't see color", our response is then why was colored created?  Why does this system oppress color?  Why have our messengers and servants of humanity, over thousands of year ceased from telling the Truth?


Our drive is to continue a spiritually balanced reformation process for diversity & inclusion in finance, education, health, civil, social, and technological sectors in the United States and countries around the world.

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